Monday, November 08, 2004

Behind the scenes: Changing it up

Sweeney House Fans:

We're planning on another fun Halloween next year. But we'll be looking for your input while we do it. There's a new poll posted and we'd like you to let us know how you feel.

Under consideration:

The elimination of the haunted basement (we'd still have the haunted display and we'd add some brand new surprises to it on Halloween night, but you'd come to our front door to get your treat instead of winding through the Sweeney maze.

Changing up the whole haunt and doing a whole new back story thus eliminating some props (aka The Gargoyle and the Sweeney grave stones etc.)

We may not change a thing. Or we might change the whole thing. (Hey, it's free for you and a hobby for us!) Weigh in on the poll or, better still, leave some comments here.


The Sweeney House Team

Behind the scenes: The Old Man

In Action
Originally uploaded by Ghost Host.
This prop (The Old Man in the Sweeney back story) comes and goes so quickly most guests never get a great look at it. Here it is during a test run. Excuse the mess behind case you're wondering the blue hose runs to the air compressor that powers this "pop-up" prop.

Behind the scenes: Magic Mirror (Back)

Originally uploaded by Ghost Host.
And this is how it looked like from "backstage." The effect resided on a laptop computer and we voiced it through a "karaoke machine." Pretty simple, really. But the simplest stuff is usually the most fun.

Behind the scenes: Magic Mirror (Front)

Magic Mirror One
Originally uploaded by Ghost Host.

The Magic Mirror* (aka the Gatekeeper in the Sweeney back story) made its debut to great reviews from Sweeney House fans. This is what Trick or treaters saw (and interacted with) just before they got their candy. We had some great conversations with some of the kids.

*(bright idea of haunter extradonaire NEPHILIM. Thanks!

Monday, November 01, 2004

Behind the scenes: A rainy Halloween

Thanks to all of you who braved the rain to join us on Halloween night! We had a steady crowd from to 6 to 9 p.m. We sincerely hope you had a good time. We did. A special thanks from our family to all our Sweeney House ghouls: Robin, Jenn, Randy, Emily, Ja, Katie, Michelle, Kathy & Jim.

Behind to scenes pics of the haunted basement will be posted later this week, and I will be putting up a new poll to get your input on ideas for next year.

To all: Thanks for sharing Halloween with us. We hope we helped make it special for you and your family.