Sunday, October 28, 2007

Thanks, Tony.

I've always said that we see more of our neighbors this time of year than any other. Turns out, one of our neighbors works for the local daily. Here's what he wrote. Bonus? A nice night shot by one of the paper's photographers. Thanks, Tony. We appreciate it.

A few new photos.

It's been a nice, if warm, Halloween season. It's been great seeing all our visitors having fun. The new scarecrow seems to have been a hit. Though the serious rains of early October took their toll on its celluclay skin. Repairs will be in order before it appears again.

Monday, September 03, 2007

The Roots of Evil (in process).

Headless, yes. But I think once it's complete this "scarecrow" is going to be a great addition to our haunt this year.

The main body is, at its core, constructed from perforated angle iron found at a local home improvement center. It's the stuff used for shelving. Since it's perforated, it was easy to bolt on a cross piece of flat aluminum (also perforated). I then encased the whole thing in spray foam. I worked the foam in straight lines to build up a creepy, woody-looking form. Better still, the foam was an excellent foundation to attach the roots and vines at the base and on the body. Just jammed it right in. Then secured it with a little more spray foam before spray painting. The piece is easy to anchor by pounding the bottom on the angle iron into the ground. The whole piece is very stiff but light. There's no give in the aluminum pieces so it was easy to wire two pieces of curly willow (available at better florists) for the arms and hands. Throw on some creepy cloth left over from last year and the body is nearly finished.

The head is taking shape. Heavier than I expected. far, so good. Never utilized this technique before. Utilized Celluclay over the carved cauldron form. Could not have been easier to work with. Easy to sculpt. Hopefully will take a sanding, too.

Thanks to Krough and Here's Johnny for the advice and Pumpkinrot for the original creations.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Roots of evil.

In a corner of the yard filled with Summer cheer, something wicked is taking root.

New prop in the making.

Working to put our own spin on a new static prop. Our inspiration can be found here and here.

Maybe you can guess where we're going with this.

Saturday, July 28, 2007


We'll be hosting a Communiversity class on home haunting in October. Keep an eye out for the catalog and join us!

The itch.

On November 1st, I am certain I will be very weary of Halloween once again. But today, the festering itch is back. Time to plan this year's haunt.