Friday, December 31, 2004

Winter Update


As you can tell, posts here are few and far between "off-season." But I wanted to take a minute and share some news. I have made the decision NOT to do a haunted basement for 2005. We'll still have something very special and fun on Halloween night, but it won't include a walk-through haunted house. This is an experiment for 2005 and we'll see if it sticks or not. Instead we are going to dedicate all our energy into improving the yard haunt and some special surprise props for Halloween night.

Overall, we think this will actually improve the experience. For us and for you. There have been just too many problems with crowd control on Halloween night. So, we're going to eliminate the problem.

The good news is that the yard haunt should be better than ever. We're still considering whether we should do an all-new storyline or simply add props to the existing storyline. Any thoughts or feedback on this would be welcome.

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