Thursday, March 24, 2005

The Dead Awaken: Early Spring Update

Spring weather is sure to arrive any day. That means another busy Summer is just a few months ahead. Summer is the time we (along with most haunters) plan and build new props for the Halloween season. This year, we're very inspired. We hope to pull off some really great new props for the front and time will, as always be the deciding factor...I am exceedingly interested in building or finishing out an animatronic prop or two for the front yard. I am still debating whether or not we should go with an all new storyline. The poll isn't much of a help since our "customers" really only visit this site during the season. The few votes we have indicate to leave it...and I suppose we should...but surely there are some new surprises we can add. And the radio play needs a good updating as well...although that's difficult because we want to keep the length managable.

Two things that ARE ON the to do list and are definite projects:

1. A new (or expanded) fence. The one we have is not one of my favorite accomplishments. Not to mention that it only goes acros the front of our lawn. We need a fence that surrounds our props. We love our customers. But last year we had damage to some of our props because folks were running wild in our front lawn. This, of course, is also a huge safety issue. I would like this fence to include pillars. And a surprise. Might need some help on that one.

2. A rebuild of the gargoyle. After several years of being lugged up to the roof our our porch, Gargy has finally begun to give out. I have an idea to improve him anyway...something I should have incorporated into the original design have not decided whether or not I will "skin" Gargy and work with his bones or just rebuild the prop entirely...I guess we'll just have to see.

Over the next few days I want to share some links with a couple of haunters that are doing some mind-blowing stuff.

Hope the Easter Ghoulie is good to you,

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