Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Early Summer Update

All right, I've determined a good list of 2005 projects. Since, as of today, we are eliminating the basement portion of the haunt, we hope these new features will make our yard haunt more enjoyable for our fans. I am fairly sure none of our fans are reading this site at the moment, however, if I am mistaken, please feel free to let us know what you think.

New Cemetery Fence with pillars (and possibly a header)
Priority: High
Difficulty: High
Expense: High

Rebuild gargoyle/add fog feature
Priority: High
Difficulty: Medium (I think)
Expense: Low

Remake of radio play
Priority: High
Difficulty: Low
Expense: Medium

New, more advanced outdoor Version of last year's "gatekeeper" effect
Priority: Medium
Difficulty: Medium to high
Expense: Medium to low

New lighted logo sign (may be replaced by cemetery header)
Priority: Medium
Difficulty: Medium
Expense: Medium to low

New "pop up" character/creature
Priority: Medium
Difficulty: High to medium
Expense: High to medium

Scary tree application
Priority: Low
Difficulty: Very Low
Expense: Low

1 comment:

Ghost Host said...

Pillars are underway. Gargoyle is being repaired. Fog addition to gargoyle is being researched.