Sunday, January 01, 2006

Early Winter Update

Well, the props are buried in the basement and the busy holiday season is now through and I find myself thinking of Halloween today. I have found some great inspiration on other's haunter's site's and have resolved to get started on the props earlier this year. I had one idea that I thought would be very nice for people standing in line...for the haunted basement. We've had a lot of feedback from you all and are leaning toward bringing the haunted basement back for next year. There are two factors. One we're pondering. The other is a deal-breaker.

1. We may (emphasis on may) finally have to succumb and either seek a sponsor or donations. This is something I hate to think about, and if I can find a way to avoid it, I will. Still, with no improvements at all the hard costs for the just the basement portion of the haunt will approach $800. Of course, we'll want to offer improvements and we'll want to improve the yard haunt as well.

2. We need volunteers! Volunteers to help us build out the basement and, more importantly, volunteers to help us staff the haunted basement. We hope that help will come from some of our immediate neighbors, but, if you're a Sweeney Family fan and would like to spend Halloween with us...feel free to leave a comment here or on the guest book.

Here's to a spooktacular 2006,

The Spirits of Sweeney House

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Emily & JA Morris said...

Hey- Ja and I would be more than willing to help out as needed. Summer will be over before we know it, and it'll be time :)