Sunday, July 30, 2006

Mid-Summer Update

Whew. It's so hot that thoughts of cool, creepy October evenings seem far away. But we're less than 1oo days from Halloween. Planning for this year's SFH is about to kick-off. This year, due to popular demand, we're planning to bring back the basement haunt. We need to make a few repairs to some of our props, but not to the extent of last year. This should free us up to concoct some scary new additions. We'd love to hear from the countless hundreds of you that stop by our haunt during October. Please use this blog as an opportunity to say hello!

1 comment:

Mark Sloat said...

Thank you for leaving a message on my blog. Yea, I have messing around with transmitter. It works pretty good, but it has a few problems that I need to work on. I take it that you have one too?