Sunday, August 08, 2004

Behind the scenes: Hi From The January Family

While the GHOST HOST and his team will be giving you all the information on the ghostly "back story" that goes along with our Halloween display, our posts will cover off the more practical items that many of you have been asking us for years.

First things first:

The target installation date this year is Saturday, October 9th. We'll start in the morning and, if all goes well, the display should be up and running by that evening.

Work to be done for the display this year:

1. The Sign Keeper: Last year's sign that told people to tune into our radio broadcast (89.7 FM) left a lot to be desired. We have a design in mind for a life-sized, sign-holding reaper to put out this year. This should look much better than the cheesy sign we had last year. It's already August and with a new addition to our family, it is not a guarantee we'll get it done.

2. Extensive repairs: The Rocking Tombstone and Gargoyle both came down with significant wear and tear last year. These are the first on our list to get done for this year.

3. A new Kate: We have acquired a new "Kate" ghost. Our old Kate was getting so dirty that she barely glowed at night so we wanted to remedy that.

Feel free to make comments here if you have questions you'd like to see us address. Remember, this is a family activity, so please keep your comments G-rated.

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