Monday, August 09, 2004


Originally uploaded by Ghost Host.
On the nights leading up to Halloween, passersby the old Sweeney home report strange sights and sounds. Many say the graves of the Sweeney Family appear once again in the small plot in front of the home, though due to city regulation, the graves were moved years ago. More haunting is the claim made by some that the Sweeney's oldest daughter, Kate, rises from the grave to warn off all visitors. Particularly on All Hallows Eve when, it is said, the supernatural activity reaches its peak. This photo, of unknown origin, seems to show the gravestone of the Sweeney family's patriarch, James. In the background, one may argue that a spectre is visible. This phantasm may be Kate. Or it may be a trick of light. Since there are no identifying features of the old Sweeny home that can be seen in this photograph I cannot say that this is an authentic photo of a manifestation at the Sweeney home. But I also have to wonder what someone would have to gain by faking it. I am currently looking for anyone who is gifted with "the sight" to assist me in my investigation of this recurring Halloween haunting.

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