Sunday, August 08, 2004

Behind the scenes: The Terror Syndicate... the perfect place for any of you who may be interested in doing a home haunt of your own to start looking around. Just click on this post's title to go there now.

First, it will give you a look at a home haunt that puts ours to utter and complete shame (What?You thought we were the only people who go a little crazy in late October?). The site (and haunt) is run by the one and only Steve Hickman. He's a far better builder than I'll ever be. I'm a pretty good planner but alas, Norm Abrams I am not. Steve builds props that will blow you away. And he is not the only professional grade home haunter out there. Google Devious Concoctions and Wicked Stone Halloween why don't ya'.

On Steve's site, you'll see props that may look more than a bit familiar. That's because I've purchased a number of Steve's construction books and used many of his patterns.* Our gargoyle for instance, is modeled after Steve's, although I put more detail in the hands and wings and completely changed the design of the wings.

Steve would love for you to check out the books and products he has for sale. You'll also find links to other home haunting resources on Steve's site. Once you start looking around you'll find a whole host of folks who like to "haunt." Join us, won't you? If you have a haunt, let us know!

*Steve's books include how-to's for building all his props. Numerous haunts utilize them. However, something you won't find everywhere is the original and immersive backstory that binds all our Sweeney Family Horror props together. This approach is still pretty unique among home haunters. Some will certainly "theme" their props but we haven't met many who have gone as far as we have to weave a tale around all the props and tie the whole display together. We hope it makes a visit to the Sweeney Family Horror spookier and more fun.

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