Saturday, September 04, 2004

Behind the scenes: Two prop additions

We have locked into to adding two major new prop additions planned for this year.

The first is a wraith-like sign holder to advertise our radio broadcast (based on Steve Hickman design). It will replace the cheesy orange signs we had last year. The second is something called the Magic Mirror. The Magic Mirror will be used on Halloween Night. We hope to to great effect. After Halloween has passed I will provide a link that shows just how the magic of the mirror works. But why spoil the surprise now, eh?

So how are we progressing? As of today, we're nowhere on either. I do hope to get a jumpstart on the wraith this long Labor Day weekend. The Magic Mirror is something we have longer to work on...

Also, it's fair to note I have some concern about getting the moving tombstone repaired. It suffered significant wear and tear (it ran 8 hours a night for 3 weeks) I have to rebuild the bottom of it entirely. Hopefully, though, it'll be rockin by October 9th which is the officially planned day for the display installation.

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