Thursday, September 16, 2004

GHOST HOST REPORT: Unsettling News

I have not, until now, been willing to share with you a theory that has been rattling in the back of my head. The discovery that I told you about earlier, however, is providing evidence that now supports the dark inspirations I have had.

It's important to understand that Sweeney House seems to constantly pulse with a dark energy. An energy that grows with intensity as we count down the days to All Hallows Eve. One could even describe this energy as a "hunger." This hunger is so powerful that it splits the veil between this world and the dimension many call the afterlife. I believe that is why those who are sensitive to this energy see the hauntings here so clearly. You may wonder, as I did, what is manifesting this energy. Why the walls of Sweeney House fairly seem to drip with dread. I believe the answer lies in a dark, stone chamber I have discovered underneath Sweeney House. I call it a chamber. It is more of a maze. I am overcome with dread each time I try to explore its winding paths, and so my progress has been achingly slow. I believe this is the lair of the forces that haunted the Sweeney's to death. I believe a power still resides in this dank underchamber. And I believe James Sweeney, not Kate, is responsible for setting the events that led to the demise of his family. For within the chamber, I have found the missing diary of James Sweeney. Although I have only read the first few pages, it is clear James Sweeney knew much more about the events than he chose to share with his wife and children. I will reveal the secrets of James Sweeney's diary here. Stay tuned.

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