Monday, September 06, 2004

Behind the scenes: Wraith sign

Originally uploaded by Ghost Host.
Here is an "in progress" pic of our the wraith sign holder that I referenced in previous posts. It's based on Steve Hickman's "Gatekeeper" design. Here you see the pink 2" insulation foam that we use in so many of our props. The foam is glued to a 2'X51" piece of plywood. You can also see one 2"X4" (under the bricks there) being glued to the surface of the foam (Liquid Nails "Project" glue). This 2X4 and another one that has yet to be screwed into the plywood on the back side, will be the anchor points for a 2'X 2' piece of plywood that will serve as the base for the entire prop enabling it to stand upright. The face of the foam you're looking at will have words carved into it (thanks Dremel tool) cracks burned into it (thanks hot glue gun) and painted with the January Family's Patented Color Pallete (thanks Amy) to make it look just like an aged, mossy stone slab. We'll build a "Monster Mud" wraith who'll hold the sign with his skeletal hands and shine a light onto the words at night. More shots of this prop as we build it. While it's a lot less complex than the Gargoyle that we built a few years back, I still can't imagine that it'll be done until the last minute.

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