Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween 2005

The January Family hopes you had a very happy Halloween. It was a perfectly spooky night for it. We were glad to see so many of you turn out...and as you can see by this would seem there were many spirits haunting the yard! We went through more than 700 pieces of candy. Though, I am pretty sure some of you took more than one piece!

Now, some of you wondered why we didn't do the haunted basement this year.

The reason is pretty simple: time.

With two little kids at home and other things like work, time is very tight. The basement takes me at least three weekends to build out, and it just couldn't be done this year. In addition, the haunted basement is pretty expensive. We put most of our budget into the haunted column this year. We watched many of you have fun with that, so we hope it was a fair trade-off.

Will we bring back the basement next year? Can't promise it. You may consider if you would be willing to help us work it on Halloween night! With enough help, the chances are much better that we'd attempt it.

But all this is discussion for next year. For tonight we just wish to say; Happy Halloween! Thanks for sharing this neighborhood tradition with us.

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