Saturday, October 29, 2005

Part of the scene

This gives you a daytime look at part of the tableau we've created as our yard haunt. Here you can see the drop panel column, to right of it is the moving tombstone (from Lothars Lair)our repaired and improved gargoyle over the front door and, if you look on the screened in porch, you can just make out the FCG. Lit at night, the static and animated props work together to create an intergrated scene which serves as the backdrop for our Sweeney Family Horror radio play that our guests can listen to in their cars. Each of the props is weaved into the story as are the Sweeney famiy graves. You can't believe how many people ask us if the story is true. If you scroll down a few entries you can see what lies in wait inside the drop panel prop. This prop would not have been possible without the assistance and guidance of Bret Ross at Devious Concoctions.

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