Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Sweeney Family Spirits Request...

We are thrilled to see so many of you enjoying the haunt together this year. That's why we do it, of course. We love seeing families together on these spooky Fall nights. A few requests for everyone's enjoyment:

Share the view! Do your best to enjoy the haunt and make sure others can, too.

Lights off! Particularly if your lights are shining into the back of another car. Plus, it's just not as creepy when your headlights part the shadows.

Stay on the sidewalks! The lawn is not safe. Besides the possibility of coming face-to face with a spirit, there are electrical cords and guy wires that are just waiting to trip you.

Be gentle with the props! It's okay to touch them lightly, but do not obstuct movement or grab them in a manner that might cause damage.

Hands away from the haunted column! 'Nuff said.

Tell your friends! We see more of our neighbors this time of year than any other, we're glad to see you at our home.

Night is best! Most of the props aren't turned on during the day. Plus the whole thing just isn't as spooky in the light of day.

If you see us say hi! You are welcome. If we come out to check on the functioning of a prop, don't be shy. We're always glad to answer questions.

See you Halloween night! More behind the scenes pics coming soon!


Anonymous said...

This is really cool! I love the radio thing...it goes great with the decorations. Does/did the Sweeney familly exist? Who wrote the story?

Anonymous said...

Awesome speical effects!!!

Anonymous said...

I've told all my friends about this! it's really cool. Did you get this at Target? My dad would love it; I'm gonna show it to him deffinetly! I want to do it too, but I won't copy you. Do you know if anyone else does this sort of thing? I want to come down on Halloween!!! Do you have to wear your costume? It's from 6-9, right? It's so cool!!!!!!

Ghost Host said...

Thanks for all your great comments. The Sweeney Family is fictional. We wrote the story...we have creative day jobs so this is kinda up our alley.

We did not get this stuff at Target. We build most of it. We do know other people who do this. If you look at the links on the right hand side of the blog you'll see a few to get you started. They have links who'll show you even more. It's a fun hobby and if you do create a haunt next year be sure and let us know! We'love to come see what you did. Thanks again and happy Halloween!

Ghost Host said...

And you're right...6 to 9 p.m. We shut down promply so be on time!