Monday, October 25, 2004

Behind the scenes: Halloween Night


Traffic on this site has been unbelievable in recent days and we wanted to say a quick thank you. We appreciate your comments and your thoughts. We will repost this information again later in the week, but wanted to remind you of the scoop on Halloween night.

Here is the low down:

We open promptly at 6. We close promptly at 9. If you are in line at 9 we will let you come through Sweeney House. But no one will be allowed to join the line after 9 p.m. Sorry!

If you do NOT want to wait in the line or if you don't wish to go through Sweeney House, you can get your treat from any Sweeney House Greeting Ghoul and be on your way! Last year we estimated the average wait to be less than 10 minutes though there was a brief stretch where a few folks had to wait nearly 20. The walk through itself is pretty brief but eventful, and, of course, absolutely free.

All ages welcome but we find that Moms And Dads and kids ages 5-12 like Sweeney House the most. It's a little intense for kids under 5. A little lame for teenagers.

Our rules:

No weapons (plastic or otherwise) allowed.
No smoking.
No running.
No being a grumpy pants
Touch nothing, and nothing will touch you.
Parties of 5 or less at a time. No exceptions.
One piece of candy per kid. (Sorry...we have LOTS of kids)

Happy Halloween! We hope to see you Halloween Night

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