Thursday, October 21, 2004


As you know, I have been studying James Sweeney's diary for insights into what really happened on October 31, 1925. We now know that James Sweeney was an upstanding family man by day and the leader of a secret society known as the Disciples of the Opus Machina (DOOM) by night. Translated this means, "Disciples of the Great Machine." The immediate question is what "great machine?"

At this stage, I cannot tell you exactly what the "great machine" was (is?) although I have one grave suspicion.

Within the dank chambers of the Sweeney home I found a tattered piece of paper that had clearly been torn from a much larger document. The corner contained a scant drawing of what, I believe, could be a fragment of a diagram of something called the Well of Souls.

The Well of Souls is a reputed to be a device capable of generating a stable, localized gateway between our world and "the other side." According to legend, the living keepers of the device would have dominion over the unliving creatures transported through the gateway. This, however, makes little sense. How can the living, bound by the physical rules of this Earthly world, rule creatures who not subject to the same contraints? In other words, how do you keep a ghost in a cage? And what of the powerful and frightful denizens of the underworld who strive to find a way to manifest themselves in the physical world? Would one really think they could be controlled?

Was DOOM attempting to build and activate The Well of Souls? What, beside the Spirit Board, did James Sweeney acquire in New Orleans? Was poor Kate Sweeney and unwitting pawn in her father's dangerous game? Is Sweeney House still home to other mysteries?

Sweeney's diary seems to be raising as many questions as it answers.

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