Thursday, October 21, 2004

Behind the scenes: Safe Halloweening

To All Fans of the Sweeney Family Horror:

We have had an increasing number of folks venturing off the sidewalks and into our yard to see the props. This has resulted in some minor damage to some of the props. More concerning than that, however, are the electrical cords that run through the yard. They are very easy to trip over. Particularly in the dark.

We want to keep you safe and our props intact.

So, once again, we request that, if you choose to exit your car, you kindly stay on the main sidewalk to take in the display. If you are curious about the props, feel free to leave a comment here and we'll glady answer your question. Or, if you happen to be driving or wlaking by while we're working in yard give us a yell. We are more than happy to talk to any guest about the display.

Thanks for you consideration and Happy Halloween.


Anonymous said...

Hey whats up to everyone who visits this website. Its the most scariest place you'll ever see. When you go here tell a friend. Its scary when you see it in person. These people are pros.

Ghost Host said...

Hey, thanks! We're glad you enjoy The display!