Thursday, October 28, 2004

GHOST HOST REPORT: The Mystery & Your Help

I have now come to believe that James Sweeney and the Disciples of the Opus Machina were successful in creating a functioning Well of Soul, a strange device capable of generating a stable portal between this world and "the other side."

It all has begun to make sense.

The Well of Souls requires only one fuel: And that is fear.

Somewhere within the dank,dark labryinth under the Sweeney Home, I believe The Well of Souls still resides. As the days approach Halloween, and the collective fear of the city rises, the machine flickers to life once again. This explains why certain people are able to see the events of The Sweeney Family Horror acting itself out all over again. It also explains why James Sweeney didn't remove his family from the Sweeney home when the hauntings began to occur. He needed their fear to fuel the machine.

Ancient texts say the Well of Souls is kept open by a being known as The Gatekeeper. The writings suggest that well can be shut down if enough brave humans are willing to make a direct appeal to The Gatekeeper.

So, I write this plea. Join me on Halloween Night. Brave the horrors of the Sweeney house and find The Gatekeeper. The journey will not easy, but the ancient writings suggest that anyone brave enough to come face-to-face the gatekeeper will be rewarded. Together we can, at least for this year, bring an end to The Sweeney Family Horror...

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